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We're their favorite in the ever expanding sea of crazy clown heads in the New York children's entertainment scene. The truth is there are some things you can't teach and our clowns are genuine entertainers who live for the laughs and the genuine thrill of knowing we rocked your party.

(Read about what our clients have said on our Fan Page.)


  • ​​We love kids! All of our performers make a personal connection with every child at an event - creating a lifelong bond and memory. We pride ourselves on becoming a part of the family, often returning year after year. Looney Lenny's current record is nine visits to the same family.
  • We are not scary. We are very kid-friendly and frequently get hired for young children. We understand children and use minimal clown make-up
  • Customer Service & Party Planning.​ Looney Lenny’s Clown-O-Rific has exceptional entertainment and superior customer service. When you call Clown-O-Rific, you consult with a party planner who will guide you through creating your perfect event. We don't just book you an an entertainer, we create your party.
  • Extraordinary Talent. All of our entertainers are masters at their craft and love what they do. They are professional actors, puppeteers, musicians, comedians!
  • Visionary Leadership. ​Founder and head of the clown posse, Looney Lenny, is one of NYC's most popular children's entertainers. After 18 years of being the life of the party, Looney Lenny knows just what elements need to be juggled to ensure a spectacular party.​
  • We're not clock-watchers. Our job is to go above and beyond so that your parties leave a buzz that lingers with your guests until you want to hire us back next year.

We love what we do. Our goal is to give you a party that exceeds your expectations.

Fool. Buffoon. Clown.

It's a living.

We constantly hear from our clients that we're just different.

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